Purchasing a New Sign with Bravo Signs


The Bravo Signs Process- What to Expect

Have you ever wondered how those eye-catching signs that adorn businesses, storefronts, and even street corners come into existence? Sign companies play a pivotal role in creating these visual representations of a brand, message, or identity.

Getting a new sign for your business isn’t always as simple as it may seem.  There are quite a few steps getting you from Idea to the Reveal.  At Bravo Signs, we pride ourselves in guiding our customers seamlessly through the process.

Clarifying Your Goals and Needs for Your Sign

The first step in the sign-making process is understanding the client's needs and vision. At Bravo Signs, our Sales Executives work closely with our clients to gather information about the purpose of the desired sign:  its target audience, location, budget, and design preferences. This collaboration ensures that the final product aligns with the client's objectives.

Sign Design and Conceptualization

Bravo Signs Sales Executives will help you select a sign type that best suits your needs, such as outdoor signs, indoor signs, wall-mounted signs, freestanding signs, vehicle wraps, banners, etc.  We require vector-based art files to print logos and other customer-provided graphics.  If you do not have your own art files, we can help you design the sign you envision.  We create digital renderings of the proposed sign, considering factors like size, shape, colors, typography, and branding elements. These designs are presented to the client for feedback and revisions until the perfect design is achieved.  https://www.bravosigns.com/exterior-signs

Material Selection

After the design is approved, we help our clients select the appropriate materials for the sign's construction. These materials can range from various types of metal, wood, acrylic, and plastics, depending on the design, location, durability requirements and budget constraints. We also consider factors like weather resistance and longevity when choosing materials.


The fabrication process is where the design truly comes to life. Skilled craftsmen and technicians use a combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to bring the sign's design into reality. This may involve laser cutting, CNC routing, welding, painting, and other techniques to create each component of the sign

Permitting and Compliance

Building permits are necessary for installing many new signs.  Obtaining a permit can be a confusing and long process. When a permit is needed, Bravo Signs works closely with local city and county authorities to obtain the necessary permits and ensure compliance with zoning regulations and building codes. This is critical to avoid any legal issues and ensure that the sign meets safety standards.

In addition, landlords may have additional regulations and standards for signs on their property.  We will work with you to find the best sign within the desired parameters. 


The installation of a sign is a crucial step in the process. Our experienced installers ensure that the sign is securely and safely affixed to its designated location. For signs that require illumination, Bravo Signs will also manage installation of appropriate electrical work. This could involve the installation of LED or neon lighting, wiring, and transformers to make the sign visible both day and night.

Creating a new sign is a collaborative process and the best sign effectively conveys your message and enhances your brand or business.  

At Bravo Signs, we bring together creative design, skilled craftsmanship, and technical expertise to turn your vision into a tangible, attention-grabbing sign that makes you look good.